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To auto-configure OneDrive to sync the login user OneDrive account, I use the settings below. Once I am happy with the configuration, I use the Assignments option to assign the policy to groups. Summary. Intune Administrative Templates was one of the top requested feature for years, and it has finally made it Intune. How does it looks like from a end user perspective: First of all the end user OneDrive verion has to be at least 2018 Build 18.116.0610.0002 I have seen that even if the OneDrive has been update for one user on the device user number 2 can have a different OneDrive. Greetings All, We are in the process to roll out Intune as our preferred MDM solution to manage corporate IPhones. Overall, am really satisfied on the solution performances', however was wondering whether there would be a way to implement an App Configuration policy in Intune to configure iPhone camera roll auto-backup to OneDrive for Business instead of iCloud. SUPERCEDED BY Ultimate folder redirection for Onedrive, Teams and Sharepoint. I’ve taken information from several sources and written a single “Do It All – Onedrive For Business configuration script” for the Windows 10 Modern Management Intune MDM Azure AD Join scenario. Folder Redirection to OneDrive on Windows 10 with Intune Dec 27, 2017 • Aaron Parker If you’re deploying Windows 10 with Modern Management Azure AD joined, MDM managed, you’ll likely have wondered about data protection - if users aren’t intentionally saving documents to their OneDrive folder, that data is likely, not synchronised and therefore not protected against data loss.

16/09/2019 · Get the most integrated and complete device management, app lifecycle management, and user provisioning capabilities for Windows 10. Lower your total cost of ownership TCO and gain intelligent cloud-based management using co-management integration between System Center Configuration Manager and Intune. Back in October of last year Microsoft added a much sought after addition to Intune configuration policies, the ability to use ADMX style settings in the form of “Administrative Templates”. The feature has been in preview for the past number of months. only going to general availability a short while ago, however one thing remained, []. Since Windows 10 1703 you can use a feature called ADMX ingestion to extend policy settings in Intune. What it basically does is to parse an ADMX file and build a MDM policy of it. In the end you can configure the ADMX settings via OMA-URIs in Intune. More details about ADMX ingestion can be. Return to Intune, go to Device configuration > Profiles.Pick Create Profile.Give this a name like Windows 10 OneDrive Config, and a description similar to the one pictured.Pick Windows 10 and later as the Platform, and Administrative Templates as the Profile type.Click Create.

How can I set OneDrive for business so that it can only be accessed from the azure user account on a BYOD AAD-joined device. I'd like to prevent the OneDrive data from being accessed from the local/personal account on the PC. I’ve taken information from several sources and written a single “Do It All – Onedrive For Business configuration script” for the Windows 10 Modern Management Intune MDM Azure AD Join scenario. The script can be deployed through Intune and will do the. 12/10/2016 · Hi, We are a small business with no AD or any other server on premise. We have subscribed to Office 365 E3 and Microsoft EMS Azure AD PremiumRMSIntune. So all our laptops Windows 10 Pro are Azure AD joined and we manage them thanks to Intune. I know that there is a GPO that enable. · Haven't seen it on the public roadmap. Also. I’m sharing my Intune design and architecture experience in this post. The Intune Configuration spreadsheet will help you in your Intune design work. For Intune projects, below are the challenges faced by consultants. You can now manage OneDrive behavior in Intune with the Administrative Templates preview. In Device Configuration under profiles, click create profile, and fill in the required information. Name: O.

24/05/2016 · Hello everyone! I've seen people having trouble while deploying the OneDrive next generation sync client with SCCM, So i've decided to create a new blog post to share same ideas of how i'm usually deploying it on our clients. You probably heard about ingesting group policies with Microsoft Intune, or Windows CSP. If not this is a great way to extend the ordinary Intune settings with thousands more settings, just the ordinary group policy settings. There are a lot of great reading on this subject, including Microsoft documentation Understanding ADMX-backed policies Win32 and Desktop. Outlook, Intune and OneDrive for Business Security Enhancements Rolling Out. By Kurt Mackie;. While it's possible to link System Center Configuration Manager to Intune through a connector solution, the new Intune improvements this month don't yet apply to that sort of arrangement. Introduction. Last week the OneDrive team presented a new feature called ‘Known Folder Move’. In short, it enables us to move the content and location of the Desktop, Documents and Picture folders into OneDrive. This comes really handy when switching computers and you find your desktop, documents and picture folder exactly as you left them on the previous computer.

17/06/2019 · I am working on building a device configuration profile for Windows 10 in Intune to configure Onedrive for end users. Most of the process has been successful, creating the OneDriveAdmx setting and putting in a few settings like KFMOptInWithWizard and FilesOnDemandEnabled. Read More Articles, Enterprise Mobility, Intune, Modern Management, Office 365, Windows ADMX, Configuration Service Provider, Intune, OMA-DM, OMA-URI, OneDrive, Windows 10 24 Comments on Deep dive ADMX ingestion to configure SilentAccountConfig with OneDrive. Modern IT. IT influenced by Cloud and modern infrastructure principals. I was wondering if anyone has deployed or know how to deploy OneDrive for business with Windows Intune. We are O365 and have around 1000 users and need to ddeploy to all the users from the console. I have tried the below configuration, it works but it is still installing all the packages and I just want OneDrive for Business. 21/05/2018 · Intune Starting in Windows 10 version 1703, Mobile Device Management MDM policy configuration support expanded to allow access of select Group Policy administrative templates ADMX-backed policies for Windows PCs via the Policy configuration service provider CSP.

We have created device configuration setting for Onedrive and we will now monitor this on end-user PC. End-user experience: Login to windows 10 device,if the device is not yet intune enrolled,then perform enrollment using work/school account. upon the enrollment success,it will sync with intune to get profile,apps etc.There are few ways to deploy and configure OneDrive for Business for Windows 10 via Intune, such as ADMX, PowerShell script and etc.This is a very small part of Modern Management with Windows 10, Azure AD and Intune and the big picture includes many other options to deploy policies, application and custom configuration via Intune.When.To get started on how to set up OneDrive using Intune, first go to the portal and log in with a Global Administrator. Then go to Device configuration. There we will create a new Profile. When you create the new profile, select Windows 10 and later as the Platform and.Introduction Short and sweet: Back in May 2019, Administrative Templates in Intune went from preview to General Availability. Back then the feature was released with a list of 277 settings. Not much, huh? Today this will be extended by additional 2500 settings and among these will be the ability to configure OneDrive Known Folder Move.

Intune & iOS – Building A Custom Profile; Intune is a very powerful MDM and demonstrates how you can use modern deployment methods to manage and protect both company/school owned devices as well as BYOD options as well. It is 100% Azure cloud hosted and very scalable for. 29/05/2017 · Hi, I'm trying to deploy the new OneDrive for Business Next Generation Sync Client to our users via Microsoft Intune our users are typically never in the office/local network and we use Intune to manage their laptops and push new software as it is now required as we have less then 250 licences in. After the configuration policies are assigned, verify the app configuration status for each managed device. To do this, go to Devices > All devices from Microsoft Intune in the Azure portal, select a device from the list of managed devices, and then select App configuration on the device blade. If it’s the latest onedrive which you might want to double check by manually downloading and installing it from the onedrive. site, then I’m not sure why it’s not working. I don’t believe they moved KFM yet into the new Admx Templates policy but keep checking there once in a while to see if they add it.

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